Season 1 of Chicago Justice premiered with the episode "Fake" on March 1, 2017.

On May 22, 2017, the series was canceled by NBC after one season, making it the first series in the Chicago franchise to end.

Summary Edit

The show follows the story of the State Attorney's office and its investigators. The show was spun off of Chicago PD, after the State Attorney Peter Stone asked CPD's Antonio Dawson to join his team and become a lead investigator with him. Antonio accepted.

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Episode list Edit





Original Airdate Short Sypnosis
1x01 Fake 01.03.2017 Antonio and Peter Stone go after the individual responsible for a horrible warehouse fire that killed over 20 teenagers, including Alvin's daughter.
1x02 Uncertainty Principle 05.03.2017 Atwater is put on trial for murder after one of his suspects dies, leaving Antonio to pick sides between him and his job.
1x03 See Something 07.03.2017 A Muslim student is murdered, leaving the team in a tough spot as they investigate the motive and suspect.
1x04 Judge Not 12.03.2017 Anna Valdez has a night with a judge who is later killed, leaving Peter to question her relationship with him and ban her from the case.
1x05 Friendly Fire 19.03.2017
1x06 Dead Meat 26.03.2017
1x07 Double Helix 02.04.2017
1x08 Lily's Law 09.04.2017
1x09 Comma 16.04.2017
1x10 Drill 23.04.2017
1x11 AQD 30.04.2017
1x12 Fool Me Twice 07.05.2017
1x13 Tycoon 14.05.2017

Trivia Edit

  • The pilot of the show, Fake, carried on from Chicago PD's "Emotional Proximity" involving a warehouse fire, 3 months after the real warehouse fire that killed 36 people in Oakland. According to the executive producer, one of the lead characters lost someone in the fire.[1]

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