Emotional Proximity
Season: 4
Episode: 16
Original airdate: March 1, 2017
Written by: Matt Olmstead
Directed by: Reza Tabrizi
Episode chronology
Previous episode: Favor, Affection, Malice or Ill-Will
Next episode: Remember the Devil


Olinsky's daughter remains in critical condition following a massive fire - leaving Intelligence on edge, but more determined than ever to track down the suspect. Voight opens up the case, knowing that he has Stone and his team's full support in the investigation, and all of Firehouse 51 behind him to examine potential origins of the fire. Intelligence works to connect the dots between the building owner, those who were inside, and a string of potential suspects.


Main Cast

Special Guest Stars

Guest Stars


  • Clark Lichty as Lane Cromwell
  • Jazlyn Yoder as Tamra Collins
  • Joslyn Jones as Claire Burke
  • Mark J.P. Hood as Rashad
  • Vincenzo Hinckley as Kade Davis
  • Joelle Brianne Graham as Stacia Mulaney
  • Kailey Bell as Tech Elise Boyle
  • Amanda Marcheschi as Nurse Dina
  • Billy Minshall as Manager
  • Jennifer Weigel as News Reporter
  • Anne-Stark Gallagher as Tamra's Mom
  • Sam Long as Hostess


  • Dick Wolf as Creator
  • Matt Olmstead as Creator
  • Michael Brandt as Developer
  • Derek Haas as Developer
  • Dick Wolf as Executive Producer
  • Matt Olmstead as Executive Producer
  • Michael Brandt as Executive Producer
  • Derek Haas as Executive Producer
  • Mark Tinker as Executive Producer
  • Arthur W. Forney as Executive Producer
  • Peter Jankowski as Executive Producer
  • Craig Gore as Co-Executive Producer
  • Tim Walsh as Co-Executive Producer
  • Mike Weiss as Co-Executive Producer
  • Timothy J. Sexton as Co-Executive Producer
  • Jamie Pachino as Supervising Producer
  • Terry Miller as Producer
  • Jeremy Beim as Producer
  • Tiller Russell as Co-Producer
  • Jonathan Strauss as Co-Producer
  • Rohn Schmidt as Director Of Photography
  • Gregory Van Horn as Production Designer
  • Ashley Steele as Editor
  • Atli Örvarsson as Music
  • Jonathan Strauss as Casting
  • Claire Simon as Casting

Background information and Notes

Crossover event that that begins with the Chicago Fire episode "Deathtrap", continues with the Chicago P.D. episode "Emotional Proximity" and concludes with the Chicago Justice episode "Fake".