Gabriela Dawson
Full Name Gabriela Dawson Casey
Alias Dawson, Gabby
Status Alive
Affiliation Ambulance 61
Occupation Paramedic
Rank Paramedic in Charge
Relationships Matthew Casey (husband)
Ramón Dawson (father)
Camilla Dawson (mother)
Antonio Dawson (brother)
Laura Dawson (ex sister-in-law)
Diego Dawson (nephew)
Eva Dawson (niece)
Nancy Casey (mother-in-law)
Christie Casey Jordan (sister-in-law)
Violet Jordan (niece))
Portrayed by Monica Raymund

Gabriela Dawson is a firelighter and paramedic in charge of Ambulance 61 at Firehouse 51 in Chicago Fire.


Dawson's versatile expertise as a paramedic and firefighter continues to exhibit how vital she is to the success of Firehouse 51. Dawson also co-operates one of Chicago's favorite local pubs, Molly's. She and Matthew Casey are married.